3D Beaded Father Christmas Tutorial

Another addition to the 3D beading  Christmast Decorations Tutorials. A 3D Father Christmas. He also has he’s Loyal helpers the 3D Beaded Elf


3D Beaded Elephant Tutorial

This is the second addition to the Wildlife series, the 3d Beaded Elephant Tutorial. They move in nature with stealth like grace, under cover of trees and veld. They are are found in the vast African landscape. Dangerous they are but only when feeling threatened. If you have never seen the distinct flappping of an ear or moving of a front foot in the soil just before mock charcing then you must experience it.

3D Beaded Elephant

3D Beaded Pearl Cross Pendant Tutorial

The newest addition to pendants is this beautifull 3D Pearl Cross Pendant.

3D Beaded Valentines Heart Tutorial

It is that time of year. Valentines day is a day to en joy with that special person in your live. The 3D beaded valentines heart is something beautifull to wear for that special occasion.

3D perlée Panier de Pâques Tutorial

Une autre création de Pâques. Un panier de Pâques 3D perlé . Il complète le lapin de Pâques 3D . Il semble Beautifull comme décoration de table de mariage aussi .

3D perlée Panier de Pâques

3D Beaded Elf Tutorial

Another addition to the Christmast Decorations Tutorials. A 3D Beaded Elf.

They are the eager helpers of Santa Clauss.

3D Beaded Elf Tutorial

3D Beaded Crocodile Tutorial

The Crocodile is one of natures notorious hunters. Feared by many animals and even birdlive. They silently wait for their prey in while lurking in rivers. They are one of the oldest predators on earth.


3D Beaded Crocodile

3D Beaded Easter Basket Tutorial

Another Easter Creation. A 3D Beaded Easter Basket. It compliments the 3D Easter Bunny. It looks Beautifull as a wedding table decoration also.

3D Beaded Easter Basket

3D Beaded Giraffe Tutorial

Another creation in the wildlife series. The Giraffe with its long neck and beautifull colours. They will be found where they are eating leaves and even thorns form the highest branches. They may look slow in gait but are known to kill predators with one single kick.

3D Beaded Giraffe

3D Beaded Pernatty Knob-Tailed Gecko Tutorial

You will love these little creatures. The Knob-Tailed Gecko is one of them. This little critter is unique because of it clouring. It also have does not have a long tail but a knob at the beginning of the tail.

3D Beaded Pernatty Knob-Tailed Gecko

3D Beaded Poison Frog Tutorial

This little frog has a green and red colouring. You see many little frogs in the rain forest. Very poisonous i would say.

3D Beaded Poison Frog

3D Beaded Easter Bunny Tutorial

3D Beaded Easter Bunny

It is that time of year when the Easter Bunny pops up all over the world to stash away the easter eggs in the garden. Then the children have search for the easter eggs in a wild frenzy !

3D Beaded Easter Bunny

3D Beaded 21st Anniversary Key

3D Beaded 21st Anniversary Key

I created this for my daughter Simone for her 21st Anniversary. The stand and 21st Key is a set.

3D Beaded 21 Anniversary Key


3D Beaded Handbag

This is something you can make for the little one’s doll accessories collection. A 3D Beaded Handbag.

3D Beaded Handbag


3D Beaded Cheetah

The first wildlife creation a 3D Beaded Cheetah. It is the first Cheetah in a series of four. With this creations I want to establish something unique like never seen before.

3D Beaded Cheetah

2D Beaded Star Tutorial

This was my first beaded project when I started beading.  A 2D Beaded Star. It is very basic and great for children when starting out with their first beading projects.

3D Beaded Ladybug

This Adorable 3D Beaded Ladybug is the newest addition to the Insects collection. It is also made with No 11 seedbeads.

Beaded Arm Bracelet

The last part of the matric farewell set a Beaded Arm Bracelet made for my daughter Deone.

Beaded Earrings 3

Here is Beaded Earrings  that forms part of the matric farewell set made for my daughter Deone.


Beaded Choker Necklace 3

This is my most recent creation a Beaded Choker Necklace, made for my youngest daughter Deone matric farewell.


3D Beaded Mad Cow

Something new a 3D Beaded Mad Cow ! To get a bit of humor into beading and to make it fun !

3D Beaded Hamster

A 3D Beaded Hamster. Ever had one of these little energy furballs !!

Beaded Headband

This Beaded Headband is part of another set made for my daughter Simone for her matric farewell.

Beaded Autumn Ball Earrings

This Beaded Autumn Ball Earrings was made for my daughter Simone.


Beaded Earrings

Beaded Earrings made for my daughter Simone for her matric farewell.

Beaded Butterfly Hair Clip

A Beaded Butterfly Hair Clip made from Swarofski Crystal Bicones for my Daughter Chantal Matric Farewell. The other part of the set is the Beaded Choker Necklace

Beaded Pearl Cross Rosary Necklace

Another of my jewelry necklaces. A Beaded Pearl Cross Rosary Necklace.

Beaded Choker Necklace

A Beaded Choker Necklace made from Swarofski Crystals and pearls for my daughter Chantal for her matric farewell.

Diana Beaded Necklace

One of my wedding jewellery creations a Diana Beaded Necklace. I named it after Princess Diana.



3D Beaded Chair

The second part of the of the furniture set. A 3D Beaded Chair. The next part of this set will be up shortly.


3D Beaded Flatscreen Television

Another addition to the furniture set. A 3D Beaded Flatscreen Television.


3D Beaded Coffee Table

The next part of the living room set. A 3D Beaded Coffee Table. More to follow !



3D Beaded Couch

A new set I am busy with. The first part is this 3D Beaded Couch, complete with loose cushions.  I am busy with the chair and my daughter just told me that a set is not complete without a Wall Unit and a flat screen TV.  So look out for the next part in this set coming soon…




2D Beaded Star

This was my first beaded project when I started beading.  A 2D Beaded Star. It is very basic and great for children when starting out with their first beading projects.  This star is also available in 3D and will be featured soon.

3D Beaded Heart

a 3D Beaded Heart for Valentines day.



3D Beaded Frog

a 3D Beaded Frog. It was one of my first creations made by me. There will be also a Bull Frog added later.


3D Beaded Duck Tutorial

3D Beaded Duck Tutorial

A Beaded Duck Tutorial from my farm animals project. Note that the duck’s wings are movable to make it more life like. It is made from no 11 seedbeads and is a beautiful miniature creation.

Beaded Letter Combination Keychain Charm

Made this for my eldest daughter Chantal. A Beaded Letter Combination Keychain Charm.

Beaded Letters Keychain Charms

I decided to make a few more letters from the alphabet as beaded keychain charms.

Beaded Letter A Charm Blue

Beaded Letter F Charm

Beaded Letter R Green Charm

Beaded Letter L Charm

Beaded Letter N Charm

Beaded Letter R Blue Charm

3D Beaded Letter D Charm

3D Beaded Letter J Charm

3D Beaded Letter S Charm

Beaded Letter T Charm

Beaded Letter W Charm

Beaded Keychain Charm

An example of a Beaded Keychain Charm made for local Culture Evening held at Strand High School. It was used in one of the play’s named ” Connoisseur “.

Beaded Keychain Charm



3D Beaded Dragon

A 3D Beaded Dragon, also made from no 11 SeedBeads.


3D Beaded Husky

A 3D Beaded Husky made from no 11 seedbeads

3D Beaded Daschund

A 3D Beaded Daschund.

3D Beaded Daschund

3D Beaded JellyFish

You will encounter these poisonous creatures when going for a swim, in the ocean. They can leave a nasty sting when they get hold of you. But they are also beautiful and part of the marine life.

3D Beaded Marine Life Scene

A 3D Beaded Marine Life Scene with a couple of the marine life creations.



3D Beaded African Grey

Another Creation, a 3D Beaded African Grey also made from no 11 Seed Beads. The wings are also movable.

3D Beaded Mermaid

This 3D Beaded Mermaid from the well known Little Mermaid Fantasy story. Every girls favorite character playing with her friends underneath the sea.

3D Beaded Mermaid

3D Beaded SeaHorse

One of my marine life beading projects, a 3D Beaded SeaHorse. 

3D Beaded Snake

3D Beaded Snake made from no 11 Seed Beads. This is a common garden snake found in most gardens.


3D Beaded Snow Spider

 They are all around us without us even noticing them. They are in hoouses , barns, nature . For some people a nightmare and others a friend . This is a basic 3D Beaded Snow Spider.


3D Beaded Honey Bee

This 3D Beaded Honey Bee is responsible for producing the sweet honey we use daily in our houses .Without their hard work everything on earth will seize to exist.


3D Beaded Dragonfly

One of my first beading projects. A 3D Beaded Dragonfly. More projects will be published in coming weeks.

Welcome to Tinnells Creations

Welcome to my new blog.  My name is Tania and I have been beading for 5 years.  I love beading and I will teach you everything I know about beading.

This blog will be regularly updated with new and exciting stuff.  Feel free to contact me in connection with anything about beading.

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